Feelin’ the Love

Wednesday was paint in Jerome day. This funky old mining town invites us to paint it’s mixture of old world charm, historic decay and unique galleries and shops all perched on the side of a mountain with a beautiful view of the Arizona desert below. Gotta love Jerome. But, that morning my brain was not functioning. I decided it needed a jolt, so I took some hot coffee in a travel mug. Well, I guess I have not mastered the art of hot coffee in a travel mug, because as I was taking my first sip I was thinking, “Sometimes the first sip burns your tongue” and proceeded to burn my tongue. The thought lagged too far behind the action. Ow! So then I let it cool with the cap off. Put the cap back on and, “Crap, I just spilled coffee down my shirt.” I obviously don’t know how to use a travel mug. So I drank it without the cap. You know what happens then? The bumps spray the coffee in your face. I decided I didn’t care. I would arrive and Jerome smelling sweetly of well earned coffee. Since I avoid caffeine usually, you can imagine I was feeling the love once I got to Jerome.

Not A-mused

But, it was raining and cold. It is always cold on Jerome day. Three years ago it snowed and last year it rained. I just expect it. I had my trusty winter coat I bought three years ago at the Sedona Beals and I was set. Luckily I was upgraded to a hatch back at the rental car place so I could duck under it if I needed to and the great thing about painting in oils is that the water just beads up. It made a nice abstract photo after I had scraped the mixing area on my palette. I had fun painting this rainy scene. It was all grays and blues, the polar opposite of red rock. Then I was back to Sedona to complete the backlit catcus scene I had in mind since I saw it the first day I arrived. I had only drawn it in the day before because there was no sun to produce back lighting. Once again, though, no backlighting. Stormy, windy, cold. My muse was not amused! I ended up finishing several of my paintings indoors so they would be ready for turn in the next day. Not sure if I will ever finish that backlit cactus scene, but I feel so incomplete!